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I look forward to our upcoming massage session.

While overall the spread of Covid-19 has decreased significantly, the virus does continue to spread and new Covid variants arise from time to time.  So we are continuing to keep some safeguards in place, such as handwashing, ensuring all surfaces in the office receive thorough and proper sanitation and disinfection and masks, when needed, to provide a comfortable and safer environment for you. 

  • Masks will continue to be worn by the therapist, and the client if you've been recently exposed or within 5 days of recovering from Covid. So Please inform your therapist, if you've been exposed or tested positive recently.

  • If you have to wear a mask and have concerns about lying face down, alternative positions are available. The massage could be given in side lying to decrease the possibility of breathing difficulties from wearing a mask. The quality of the massage WILL NOT  be compromised should you prefer side lying.

  • The fan may be circulating air during the massage.

The lobby is OPEN, but to not overcrowd the lobby, try to arrive close to your appointment time.

  • Continue to practice good handwashing protocols.

  • If you prefer contactless payment, Prepayment online is available when you book or Up to your appointment time through your account on MassageBook, or you can pay in the office.  Contactless payment is available via your phone (Apple/Google Pay) or chipped Credit Cards.


Lastly, We may routinely request additional paperwork be completed before your massage.

For returning clients, an email may be sent before your appointment to be completed before you come in.  You will receive an email from Relaxation Room to Update your client intake form

Open email and click on Update now.

See you soon!!!

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