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Adrian Ward, Licensed Massage Therapist, #527, has been practicing massage over 20 years. Her journey began at Florida College of Natural Health in Orlando, Florida, but continues to this day with hundreds of training hours of various forms including  extensive training in Lymph Drainage Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy® and Pregnancy Massage.  Adrian has practiced massage in multiple settings from education, medical to private settings. 

Today, I'm most passionate about using my skills to help relieve pain and discomfort associated with edema / lymphedema, particularly pre - / post surgical interventions. It's amazing to see immediate results and relief from applying Lymph Drainage Therapy to a person recovering from knee / hip replacement or plastic / cosmetic surgery. The work is gentle yet very effective. Planning to start having mini classes to address Lymphatic self care for those anticipating surgery.  Look for that coming soon. 

My other passion is sharing the knowledge and skills on how to care for yourself or partner through teaching massage tips and techniques in Small group Wellness Opportunities, either at a local fitness studio or Business location. I provide classes/workshops sharing self and partner massage techniques so that if you have an area of discomfort, you can provide relief for yourself or help a family member, friend or co-worker find relief. These classes can be added to established fitness classes or set up with you and a group of friends or sponsored by your business. Reach out and we can work something out specifically for your group. Also co-instruct a Partner Massage and Yoga Workshop. Look for those opportunities on the website or social media. 

The longer I have practiced I have learned that while continuing to enhance my skills through education and training is important, I have realized that people simply need the caring touch of a skilled therapist - one that knows how to quiet the body and mind through one simple touch.

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